Butchko, Inc. designs security solutions that safeguard your assets, mitigate your risks, and, most importantly, deliver sustainable business value. Uniquely qualified to understand security environments, your organization and your goals, Butchko aligns the Right Technology, Right Process, and Right Resources to take your program to the next level. We drive client success by integrating technology, information, and processes, to create an engineered, cost-efficient, and comprehensive solution that delivers critical information when and where it is needed.


The Right Technology

We serve the client, no one else.  We believe in collaborative relationships with product and service vendors, but only when they benefit the client.  We provide independent and unbiased solution recommendations to meet your organization's unique needs, and pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest developments in the field to ensure you are getting the very best technology available. At times we will offer you hosted or managed solutions that combine our unique added value from system management to advanced analytics.


The Right Process

Our approach bridges appropriate assessment, planning and operation with detailed engineering design and project management. We ensure competent solutions to complex security challenges. With the diverse combination of engineering, program management, business operations, and risk assessment skills, we offer our innovative solutions to challenging security requirements.



The Right Resources

Everything starts with the right people: trusted, experienced and proven. With over 75 years of combined experience, we provide our clients a diverse combination of engineering, program management, business operations and risk assessment skills.  We offer the breadth of expertise required to address complex operational security challenges in multiple business and international environments. Finally, we have a comprehensive global network that allows us to identify, position and manage your program initiatives to our exacting standards.

Recent News


Butchko, Inc. Joins CANACINTRA

Houston, Texas – January 8, 2015 – Houston-based Butchko, Inc. announces its new membership in La Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Transformación (CANACINTRA). Founded in Mexico in 1941, Canacintra is one of Mexico’s oldest chambers of commerce. The organization recently established a U.S. presence with an office in Houston. Butchko, Inc. was invited to join, becoming its first U.S. based security-consulting firm. Canacintra seeks to support businesses and industry in Mexico and the U.S. through a wide-range of activities.

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