About Us

Butchko, Inc. designs converged physical and cyber security solutions that safeguard your assets, mitigate your risks, and deliver sustainable business value. We drive client success by integrating technology, information, processes, and people to create a comprehensive solution your organization needs.

Our keystone approach bridges planning and system operation with a detailed engineering design process. We combine expertise with our rigorous methodology allowing us to quickly identify the resources necessary to execute a project.

The diverse combination of engineering, program management, business operations, and risk assessment skills within Butchko offers our clients innovative solutions to challenging security requirements. With no manufacturer or vendor affiliation, we provide independent and unbiased solution recommendations to meet unique client needs.

Our team and our extended global network provide the foundation for managing a broad range of projects as well as enhancing or directing existing programs. We have extensive experience both domestically and abroad and can work confidently in a range of international regulatory environments.


    • Benjamin M. Butchko, PMP, CPP
      Founder / CEO, Butchko, Inc.

    • LinkedIn

    Benjamin is an accomplished senior security engineer and project manager in the field of operations risk analysis, threat assessments, security consulting, system design, and project planning for national and international building projects. Primary efforts involve enterprise projects in critical infrastructure, petrochemical, industrial, medical, corporate, and science research industries. He is a regular presenter on security assessment, strategic planning, design, and deployment.

    Mr. Butchko’s professional experience includes leading security engineering for ExxonMobil, Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories, and running an international risk and security consulting company since 2004. Mr. Butchko has developed and executed numerous security strategies, master plans, risk assessments, designs, system commissioning, and operations integrations.

  • Walter ‘Cal’ Smith
    Senior Consultant

    Cal has over two decades of experience in tactical security operations and advanced systems design. He has fielded, analyzed, optimized, and utilized advanced sensors, weapons systems, and tactics. His specialized knowledge includes the protection of nuclear weapons systems and national critical infrastructure.

    He maximizes value to clients by developing solutions that maximize mission success. His unique experience as an integrated electronic systems engineer, risk analyst, special weapons and tactics responder, Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Officer for the US Army National Guard, and Opposition Force (OPFOR)/Adversary Force team member bring significant insight and value to clients.

    His experience allows him to select targets and plan attacks from a credible adversary perspective, then switch to protection perspective to determine optimal strategy, tactics, and upgrades to mitigate credible threats. Specializing in high-value operations in high-threat situations, clients seek out Mr. Smith for his depth of knowledge, attention to detail, ability to understand business processes, and ability to impact organizations in deeply meaningful ways.


  • Visual Plan

    Visual Plan is a 3D software and visualization services company with a global distribution and service partner network. They train, sell and support their software applications and customers with field capture, CAD/BIM and consulting services. Their solution leverages off the shelf 360° camera hardware with a near zero capX model and easy to use, do it yourself software to rapidly capture 360° video and images to process measurable as-built models called “digital twins”.


Butchko Inc sources multiple agents of information, market intelligence, and best-in-class technology. We take on the task of vetting their information/services/technology, how they deliver it, and, ultimately, how it serves you in your market, your unique needs and your unique mission.

The following have been selected as leading agents of change in their chosen fields. Their services and products can be leveraged as we engage you in your security planning and project execution.

  • Project Management Institute

    Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading association for those who consider project, program or portfolio management their profession.

  • Security Industry Association

    The Security Industry Association (SIA) is the leading trade association for global security solution providers, with over 1,000 innovative member companies representing thousands of security leaders and experts who shape the future of the security industry.

  • Security Specifiers

    SecuritySpecifiers was established in 2010 by Ray Coulombe to address the need for the physical security industry to more effectively engage with the specifier community.

  • Security Executive Council

    The SEC is the leading research and advisory firm focused on corporate security. The SEC’s Security Leader & Program Success approach contains the universe of possible elements for security practitioners to consider.

  • (ISC)2

    The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2, is a non-profit organization which specializes in training and certifications for cybersecurity professionals.