Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare providers often see people on the worst days of their lives. Healthcare providers and facilities must strike a balance between good security practices and the delivery of critical care when lives are on the line. Butchko’s experience and process ensures that healthcare clients develop layered, state-of-the-art solutions specific to their needs, locations and budgets.

More than ever, the healthcare industry needs something beyond a security generalist or product installer. With the threat landscape spanning physical and cyber assets, organizations must have a thorough understanding of the functions of the business and the challenges faced by their industry. Brand protection, supply chain security, intellectual property protection, contamination prevention and regulatory compliance are all key elements for success. Butchko’s experience and methodology position us well to mitigate the risks and support the intricacies, dependencies, and culture of this research-intensive environment.

The number of and variation of threats in this industry can be challenging. Threats from corporate espionage, product tampering, theft, crime, and terrorism have made it essential to perform the proper assessment of risk on a regular basis along with proper attention to security operation metrics. These metrics allows our clients to continuously monitor the performance of their operation and proactively address a wide spectrum of potential security situations. Butchko provides the means to capture the knowledge of current and future security operation needs, map those needs with an understanding of your compliance directives, and propose a roadmap that makes sense to the business.