Master Planning Services

A Security Master Plan provides a structure and program roadmap for organizations to implement security protections which support the business mission. Key elements addressed are mission, governance, personnel organization, systems and technology, training, budgeting, and management of change. All of these elements contribute to improving business resilience and aligning security efforts with value expectations of executive leadership.

What we do

Program Master Planning

A detailed road-map used to translate risk-based, prioritized management decisions into an effective program design. This extension of risk assessment results provide security executives with a master plan (or road-map) for program execution. Organizational structure, manpower allocation, technology investment, and budget phasing are all incorporated into a clarified program vision which is aligned with the Business Mission and Business Master Plan.

Enterprise Program Management

This program management approach ensures intelligent design decisions, targeted allocation of resources towards countermeasures, project management structure, system implementation, business integration needs and prioritization of operations. A single team coordinates all program tasks, allowing for more effective scheduling, manpower deployment, communication, and consistency of solution. Solution design and operational integrity is maximized through continuity of solution team knowledge and participation.

Crisis & Emergency Management Planning

A risk-based blueprint for business continuity taking into account mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery – or comprehensive emergency management (CEM).