Design Services

Butchko’s electronic systems designs are carefully crafted to ensure that our client’s risks are mitigated and system requirements are met. Our detailed engineering documentation is meticulously prepared and updated so suppliers and installers have consistent, accurate information for procurement and installation.

What we do

Security Program Design

Security Policy and Procedures development, System integration with existing security equipment and business tools, as well as Global/Enterprise Security Standards development.

Integrated Security System Engineering Design

Concept and Detail design through Engineering Drawings and Specification Design Areas covering technologies such as: Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Alarm Monitoring, Video Surveillance & Assessment, Barrier Systems, Integrated Network and Physical Security access control. Butchko can help integrate all the technologies into a comprehensive security information management platform thus enabling and fulfilling the true intent of a Security Operations Center.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Butchko is intentional on how technology and employees generate and leverage information for process optimization, compliance and proactive risk mitigation. In addition to specifying and implementing technology solutions, we can create a platform to enable business and program value.

Network Device Configuration / Firewall Ruleset Review

Part of establishing good network segmentation is the ability to review your internal and external firewalls and make sure you are evaluating and defining your program around firewall rule maintenance. Many companies fail to evaluate their firewalls and become victims to cyber-attack. If you are properly segmented but have not dealt properly with your firewalls you will inevitably end up with a breach.

Butchko can assess your existing local area networks, devices, ports, and firewalls and provide secure improvement recommendations. Setting correct parameters and policies and procedures surrounding your firewall infrastructure is critical to your business processes and organization as a whole.

Cloud Architecture Design

The thought of transitioning on-prem services to a cloud environment can seem overwhelming. Butchko professionals are able to answer questions and concerns you may have about creating a cloud system and provide optimized cost-efficient designs for your organization.

Our roadmap for cloud architecture is based on four guiding principals, which we expand upon during the design process:

  • Vision — What is the business vision and who will own the initiative?
  • Visibility — What needs to be done and what are the risks?
  • Accountability — Who is accountable and to whom?
  • Sustainability — How will it be monitored and measured?