Houston Business Journal Article: Railroad Commissioner Expresses Concern about Threat Posed by Mexican Cartels

Yesterday’s article in the Houston Business Journal highlights an issue that Butchko, Inc. has been talking about for a while. Click here for full article.
The Mexican cartels have and continue to exert significant influence in the Eagle Ford Shale region. Their operations are not new but they have certainly benefited from the sudden expansion of activity in the area. The risk of confrontation is significant and increasing as more and more companies commence operations in South Texas. Government resources are strapped and law enforcement struggles to respond to the growing concerns.

Butchko, Inc. continues to pursue ways to ensure the safety of operations as part of our South Texas Initiative. Through our team and our partners, we are refining our business blueprint and toolkit for secure operations in South Texas, and, by extension, the escalated challenges for new operations in Mexico. Our approach looks at the interests of industry, law enforcement, and landowners; and provides specific tools to protect exploration, pipeline, support services, and fixed processing assets in the region, both on the U.S. and in the Mexico side of the border.