Case Study: Intelligence Analysis Enhances Business Efficiency

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An International engineering and industrial services firm received security alerts from a subscription intelligence provider (Safety and Security) indicating imminent threat to the company’s operations and personnel in a North African country. Based on the single-sourced threat information, the company’s safety and security policies dictated a costly and potentially dangerous shutdown of operations and emergency extraction of personnel from the country.


Butchko was contacted to validate the threat information prior to commencing evacuation procedures. Upon receipt of the request, Butchko performed independent research and contacted a number of in-country, US, and international sources. Within eight (8) hours, a verbal and written report was provided to the client stating that the situation in country was calm and had not changed significantly in over six months. The alert service had triggered its warnings based upon public media sources which were reporting political actions in the US and Europe as part of a program to influence the African country’s government.


Butchko’s research and swift verification of details through direct sources saved the company millions of dollars in short-term business interruptions and and mobilization fees along with avoiding substantial headaches for company personnel. This task was accomplished in less than a day from the initial contact.