Opportunity is Realized Through Preparation

At Butchko, Inc., we realize that our presence in an organization provides the opportunity to challenge old assumptions about people and their roles, core processes, and the technology or tools they use to succeed.

Why is this important to our clients?

Opportunity for value generation and the mitigation of risk requires fresh eyes and open minds. As we serve that role for our clients, we also collect knowledge about people, processes, and technology that allows us to configure a solution that has long term strategic value.

In the May issue of Security Management Magazine (ASIS International), Butchko, Inc. was one of a few risk consultant companies interviewed by The Sage Group, a strategic advisory for executives and their teams. The article entitled, ‘Seeing Opportunity Through Risk,’ tells the story of leveraging Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) as a business pillar for capturing, managing, and sustaining value within an organization.

Sage cites examples of Butchko, Inc. engagements where we identified areas that, once addressed, create a force multiplier of value. In numerous cases, these were not directly related to security, but were identified and resulted in substantial value for our clients.

One of the key points of the article was the use of ‘story.’ We believe the story of a company lies within the characters, the environment in which they operate, and the tools they use or invent to get the job done. A complete ERM plan includes the ‘story’ or narrative of the opportunity, the risks, and the process steps that need to take place to achieve positive outcomes. That story must be so compelling, that its lessons continue to be interwoven into the culture that make the organization great.

We are agents of positive innovation and change, working within the context of urgency, time, investment, and resources. Sometimes all it takes is including us within your core process to leverage insights and perspectives which take your organization to the next level.