Why Metrics?

Now, more than ever, the security industry must focus on deriving value from the data that is collected from its people, processes, and technology solutions.

Managing business operations and all-hazards risk is becoming more complex and expensive. Effective use of security and operations metrics improves the probability of success.

How do we achieve this within limited resources and budget?

Most security programs can optimize their expenditures by focusing efforts and reducing the complexity of current operations. This can be realized through the following:

  • Designing informed strategies around risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Maintaining focus on operation’s goals and regulatory compliance
  • Creating a persistent platform for managing those strategies with continuous, forward-thinking risk management and compliance
  • Identifying and improving the core processes that drive security program performance through a detailed metrics platform
  • Tying technology to core process improvement through benchmarking and process scenarios (or use cases)
  • Tracking incident and alarm data, then correlating with procedures and manpower allocations to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Creating an integrated IT platform roadmap to reduce redundant hardware, software, and service management. Silos create cost and dilute performance
  • Understanding the user and business operations; and modeling process improvement strategies and key performance indicators around these patterns

Butchko’s security solutions process can guide executives through the complexity of this transformation effort. We can also help manage and monitor the measures by collaborating with you to identify which metrics are critical to the business value and risk mitigation strategies of your organization. We help you bridge the business goals, risk, and strategy to develop a custom program for your organization.

Our goal is to help you with the pre-assessment review that will act as a springboard and create a unique metrics program that will anchor and sustain the value of your security program.